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Our Story

People say that one of the greatest gifts in life is friendship and we couldn’t agree more. Our winery came to life after a memorable hike during Autumn shared with our life-long friend, Isla Rae.

Perched atop a crest in the North of Napa Valley we took in a sweeping view of California’s most esteemed vineyards: from Sonoma to Napa and beyond. From this vantage point, we dreamed of honoring this breathtaking place by crafting wines that epitomize Northern California’s distinct and unparalleled terroir. Without missing a beat, Isla instinctively responded with “well, what are you waiting for?”.

Emboldened by her can-do attitude, we set out with a simple focus: to source exceptional grapes and create wines that are a true expression of the region. We partnered with renowned winemaker Barb Spelletich who knows how to evoke Napa Valley’s intensely sunny summer days, blissfully cooler summer nights, and mild winters by consistently delivering nuanced wines brimming with character and place.  Naturally, we gave our friend’s name to the winery.

Thank you, Isla, for encouraging us to follow our dreams. Now we invite you to raise a glass and celebrate true friendship and those who inspire you!